At Ghilotti Bros. Inc. our commitment to high quality projects, client satisfaction, safety, partnering, and on-time project completion has leaded us through thousands of successfully completed projects.

In doing so it has helped us build many solid client relationships. Below are a few testimonials from our satisfied clients.

I recently obtained bids for the replacement of sidewalk, driveway, and a portion of a concrete garage floor. Damage had occurred from my three large redwood trees. I have been registered as a civil engineer for merely 50 years and I am well familiar with construction. The project was initially postponed due to a recent loss of my wife. Ghilotti Bros. personnel showed compassion and understanding. I thank Al Delario and the concrete crew, which recently completed the project. The end result is outstanding and is of the highest quality. Also I would like to comment on the past community project that this firm have performed at no cost to the public agency. A few examples are the renovation of the baseball diamond and other work at Albert’s Park in San Rafael. Redwood High athletic field, and so on. I highly recommend Ghilotti Bros. to anyone in need of improvement work.

Clifford Robertson Otter
Civil Engineer, C17, 440


Just a short note to say WOW about your job on our road last week. It was actually a pleasure to see your progress on a daily basis. Very little inconvenience, very friendly employees and a wonderful result.
Jerry S.
Glen Ellen CA


Dear Mr. Mike Ghilotti,
I am writing this letter to note our satisfaction with the standard of service offered to us by a qualified and efficient team of Ghilotti Bros. This is a company with strong traditional values, high integrity and a focus on providing the best customer satisfaction.

The Asphalt removal and concrete drive project that you completed was our first opportunity working together. You met our request and timeline without hesitation. The job went as planned and completed ahead of expectations. I was impressed with the teams understanding and planning of the project. The first day the entire Ghilotti Bros. team working on the project met with me and the In house maintenance staff to review safety concerns and procedures. The last day of the project your team spent the day cleaning the job sight and perimeter beyond the project area. The sight was left cleaner at the completion of the project than it was when you started.

I would like to Commend Al, Miguel and Jose of Ghilotti Bros. for their client-focused relationship where honesty, enthusiasm and integrity are supreme. Their experience and understanding in their fields help them to exceed their customers’ expectations. I look forward to working with Ghilotti Bros. on future projects.

Kind regards
Jari Singletary
Maintenance Manager Operations Administration | Robert Mondavi Winery


RE: Belvedere Dr., Mill Valley

I want to thank you personally for the accommodation and the AC paving job that Ghilotti Brothers just finished at my apartment building and at the duplex next door (we have a driveway easement across that property).

Your AC paving job is top quality and absolutely beautiful. My tenants are almost as pleased with it as I am.
The GBI crew that laid the AC paving was very impressive. Every man was always working, efficiently performing one task or another. They all seemed to get along well and all work was performed with safety in mind. An excellent team.

A special thanks to Al Dalecio, he was a pleasure to work with on the front end. Thanks also to Harold Hutson, in addition to his role in the AC paving operation, he saw to it that a couple of loose ends were addressed and resolved efficiently. All and all, I had a very positive experience with your organization. Thank you again.

Best regards,
Galen  H.
Mill Valley, CA


Re: New Pavement, Canyon Entrance, Madrone Ave. – Larkspur, CA

I don’t know if you and/or your public works team are responsible for the new pavement that was recently applied to the entrance of the canyon on Madrone Ave. – if so, they deserve recognition and huge thanks for a job well done.  That stretch of road has been needing an upgrade for a while, and the work that was done was done quickly and beautifully.  Just thought I’d let you know that I appreciate the great job.
Michael S., Larkspur, CA


Re: GBI Crew @ Larkspur Paving Project
May 9, 2016 Phone Call from Resident
Elderly Woman

Per her phone call –

Apparently, her disabled husband’s motor scooter broke down and 3 of our guys helped him. They carried him on his scooter, about a block to his house and then helped his wife get him into the car so they could get to a doctor’s appointment and put the scooter in the back for them.
She had some very nice things to say about their manners, how helpful they were and how careful they were with her husband. She said “they saved the day”.


Re: Mackly Ave. Job, Marin County

Hello Mike,

I would like to bring to your attention the crew working on the Macklyn Avenue job. We (meaning several of the neighbors and myself) are very impressed with their thoughtful, polite and all around neighborly behavior.

Although having major construction on one’s street is never pleasant, the gentlemen who are working on this job have been quite considerate of the neighbors, including helping one mom with her groceries when she had to park some distance from her home.

Robin has been especially considerate. He is always willing to answer any questions, and he never looks frazzled. He is definitely an asset to Ghilotti Brothers. I congratulate you on a wonderful staff.

Daniele T.


RE: Madera Way, Mill Valley

I am a home now after driving down my new driveway and I want you to know how pleased I am and my neighbors are!
It is such a relief to me, my neighbors, friends and family and I. Thank you for a job well done!
Please tell Mike Ghilotti how pleased we on Madera Way are!
We received this awesome letter from a property owner on 178 Madera Way, Mill Valley about the work Miguel and his team have been doing out there:
I am a home now after driving down my new driveway and I want you to know how pleased I am and my neighbors are!
It is such a relief to me, my neighbors, friends and family and I. Thank you for a job well done!
Please tell Mike Ghilotti how pleased we on Madera Way are!

May J., Mill Valley, CA


“Great companies usually have great leadership with clear vision at the helm, GBI is no exception. Mike Ghilotti and Ghilotti Brothers have consistently demonstrated a commitment to improving the construction working environment by their tireless support of Partnering and the collaborative construction process. He has repeatedly articulated that the owner and the builder are not enemies in the complex endeavor of building public infrastructure. GBI has been a consistent champion of the Partnering process and has completed many successful award winning Caltrans projects to prove it. ”

Mark Leja
California Department of Transportation
Chief, Division of Construction


“Over the past 21 years I have worked as a partnering facilitator with the vast majority of the top 25 general contractors in the United States and dozens of mid-sized firms. Ghilotti Brothers, I can assert, is one of the very few who have what I term “institutionalized” a genuine collaborative approach to working with owners, CM’s and engineers. By this I mean they consistently engage with project stakeholders on the basis of common goals that often go well beyond their legal requirements or the specs, true teamwork and personal integrity. They seek to understand clients real and often unspoken needs and commit to meeting these, even as project circumstances change, over the duration of the job. Of the twenty or so projects I have been involved in with them, I cannot think of one that has not met our standard of a World Class construction team. ”

Jim Eisenhart
President, Ventura Consulting Group
Author of Raising the Bar on Construction Project Teamwork: From Good to World Class


“My family has a long Marin County history with Ghilotti Brothers dating back some 3 generations. As a child growing up in Marin I was always fascinated with “road work” and construction in general. To me Ghilotti Brothers exemplifies top quality in whatever project they undertake. When I was contracting and building commercial tilt-ups I used Ghilotti for site work and concrete finishing. Always professional and good to their employees, I was pleased with our contractual relationships and final products. Since my retirement from the trades I’ve had the privilege of being the Executive Director for the Marin Builders Association. Ghilotti Brothers has been a member since its founding and contributed to the success of the organization through many in-kind services and contributions to our very prominent scholarship foundation. Without the likes of the Ghilotti family and more over their commitment to community and the success of others in it, Marin County would not be the place it is today! I am proud to know them, associate with them and am proud of our industry!”

Klif Knoles
Executive Director, Marin Builders Association


“Thank you and your staff for the terrific job replacing my sidewalk! Since this was part of a permit remodel project, I really appreciated your timely response and dealings with the city inspector. I didn’t realize that Ghilotti Brothers contracted for small jobs like mine until I saw your ad in the paper. I am so pleased that your cost was much lower than other estimates I received and the high quality of workmanship and timely project completion were truly exceptional. I will recommend your company highly!”

Private Resident
Corte Madera, CA