California virgin rock resources are becoming scarce, and rock products are becoming very expensive.

Rock quarries and suppliers, as well as many of our competitors, have begun to seek other alternatives due to many environmental restrictions and regulations. Recycling of materials is not new by any means and has become the norm in the construction industry. To maintain its competitive edge and help conserve for our environment, Ghilotti Bros., Inc. has purchased its own XH 320 Impact Crusher & a Chieftain 1400 Screen. GBI’s crusher and screen are valuable pieces of equipment that allow GBI the ability to recycle/screen broken concrete & asphalt and produce much-needed rock products. With the ability for GBI to recycle/screen concrete and asphalt, we are able to cut costs on dump fees, trucking costs and outside purchase of rock material.  Through our crushing operation, GBI’s recycling cost savings are passed on to our clients on various projects. Therefore, it not only becomes beneficial to GBI, but also to our clients and the environment.